Seedy the Seed

Join to the organic world where a sense of freedom to explore and co-create the world are the most important values. Game has mechanics provoking creativity and curiosity. Your “death” does not end the game, it makes the game even more fun!

Do you know that Seeds have an interesting superpower?

In our wonderful world, you play the role of a Seed that, thanks to water, can turn into a block. The fun doe

Creative mechanics

Mechanics provoking creativity and co-creating the game world. Your "death" doesn't end the game, it makes the game even more fun!

An intriguing story

An intriguing story with a set of logic puzzles, duels and elements to build.
The plot and quests are designed for people who love adventures and spending time in the game world.

Friendly atmosphere

Friendly art style for fans of the Nintendo games world. The safe and soothing atmosphere  is created by music, colors and animations.